April 2015, London

Topics Covered

Peptides: What Are They and Why Should You Care?
Peptide Development and Engineering
Peptide Delivery Systems
The Cutting Edge of Peptide Research

The 2015 brochure is currently in production. For more information on topics covered, please download the 2014 seminar brochure by clicking here

Benefits to Attending

  • Gain a full overview of the peptides therapeutics market today; look at industry key players, discover how peptides are currently being utilised in therapies and discover major advances thus far
  • Enhance the efficacy of peptide production with modern peptide synthesis techniques
  • Discuss desired characteristics for peptides, and learn key strategies to optimise peptide molecules
  • Investigate various methods of engineering peptides; discover techniques for successful peptide conjugation and further explore the world of peptidomimetics
  • Identify and characterise protein and peptide molecules utilising mass spectrometry
  • Consider alternative routes of peptide administration; reflect on existing options and investigate new methods of delivery
  • Hear the latest academic research in the area of peptide drug discovery; discuss new therapeutic applications such as venom peptides, cell-penetrating peptides and homing peptides

Who Should Attend?

For those with little or no prior experience of the peptides field. Participants may have some knowledge of the proteins or biotherapeutics fields, but will be looking to gain a further insight into the increasingly relevant area of peptide therapeutics. Participants will be looking to gain an overview of the peptide industry today, learn basic engineering and optimisation techniques, discuss new areas of research and discover what the peptides field promises for the future.

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