Peptides Seminar

22nd April 2015

London, UK

Topics Covered

Peptides: What Are They and Why Should You Care?Peptide Development and Engineering
Peptide Delivery SystemsThe Cutting Edge of Peptide Research

For more information on topics covered, please download the full seminar brochure.

Benefits to Attending

  • Gain a full overview of the present peptides therapeutic market
  • Learn about modern strategies and different technologies for peptide synthesis
  • Discuss key strategies for engineering and optimising peptide molecules and validating peptide conjugation techniques
  • Acquire a deeper understanding about peptide delivery systems
  • Overcome challenges and formulate new strategies in peptide administration
  • Analyse different strategies to peptide vaccines in order to increase the immunogenicity of peptides
  • Understand the importance of peptides in diagnostics and identify various analytical technologies

Who Should Attend?

Oxford Global’s introductory level Peptides Seminar is tailored for both industry and academic delegates with limited or no prior experience within the peptides field. Participants will be aiming to gain a further insight into the most important areas of the peptides industry and will be looking to acquire an overview of the peptides industry, peptide delivery systems, peptide development and the cutting edge of peptide research.

Seminar Trainer:

Anna Maria Papini
University of Florence
Professor of Bioorganic Chemistry

Professor A.M. Papini completed her international PhD in Chemical Biology in 1991 at the Max Planck Institut Fuer Biochemie. Since the beginning of her career she has been involved in translational research. She is Full Professor of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Italian and French universities and she is Laureate of the ‘Chaire d’Excellence’. Professor Papini is the coordinator of the French-Italian Laboratory of Peptide & Protein Chemistry and Biology. Since September 2003 she is the Director of the Platform PeptLab@UCP at the University of Cergy-Pontoise (France). For the period of 2011 – 2016 she will be Treasurer and Member of the Executive Committee of the European Peptide Society. In 2008 she was the recipient of the Leonidas Zervas Award for her outstanding contribution to peptide science and was also awarded the 1st Dimitros Theodoropoulos Memorial Award. Since 2013 she has co-ordinated the International Affairs of the School of Science at the University of Florence. Together with Philip E. Dawson she chaired the 2014 Gordon Research Conference on Peptide Science in the Era of Synthetic Biology and will chair the 2016 event too. Professor Papini is the c-founder of the first spin-off of the University of Florence EspiKem Srl and of the start up Toscana Biomarkers. Her mission is R&D of peptide-based diagnostics of autoimmune diseases. For her work, in 2009 she received the Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Research award in the European autoimmune disease diagnostics market. She also won the Vespucci Award of the Regione Toscana for the perspectives of development of the company aimed to research and for the production of innovative diagnostis methodologies for autoimmune diseases.

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