Antibody Drug Conjugates Seminar

Date: TBA

London, UK

Topics to be Covered

Introduction To Antibody Conjugates
Overview Of Techniques In Quantitative Pharmacology
No Such Thing As A Magic Bullet: The Hidden Challenges Of ADC Discovery And Development
Case Studies Of Design Decisions In ADC Discovery And Development

For more information on topics covered, please download the full seminar brochure.

 Benefits to Attending

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the ADC industry and an insight into the current trends in ADC development
  • Fully understand the mechanism by which ADCs function and relate this back to your design parameters
  • Have a broad understanding of different strategies for ADC production and consider the optimal choice for your company
  • Explore options for site-specific conjugations and learn about current research into more potent cytotoxic payloads
  • Identify the most important new technologies driving innovation in the field, and consider the application of these technologies in your own research
  • Maximise the therapeutic impact of your ADCs; compare conjugation strategies, linker technology and payload engineering to enhance cytotoxicity
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of ADCs through real-life case studies and discussions based on real-world scenarios

Who Should Attend?

Participants will be professionals in the antibody industry who are looking to gain a more detailed insight into this exciting field of research. Participants will have experience of antibody engineering and development but will not necessarily be experts in ADCs. They will be looking to learn more about ADCs; their design, development, challenges and regulatory expectations.

Seminar Trainer