Big Data in Clinical Trial Management (22 September 2015) Testimonials

“The seminar had very interesting content - it was well explained with relevant examples and it had a simplified use of case studies.”

Vice President IT Digital, IPSEN
“There was a great span of topics at this seminar, a well prepared selection of slides and useful and informative handouts. I was also impressed by the fact that we were asked about ‘hot topics’ before the event. It made the session feel more personalised as the trainer had clearly received our questions and tried to answer them.”

Early Clinical Leader, Bayer Healthcare
“This seminar had an excellent trainer! The presentations were brilliant and contained highly relevant content.”

Biomarker Strategist, Bayer Healthcare
“The seminar provided an excellent overview on the topic, including methods and challenges in the clinical trials area. A lot of helpful examples were also provided.”

Data Insights and Visualization Expert, Bayer Healthcare
“I really enjoyed this seminar – there was a high level of learning at a good pace. The content was varied and different too.”

Vice President, Leo Pharma
“The training course had a good sized group – it was intimate enough to allow detailed discussions.”

Systems Architect, Roche

Antibody Engineering Seminar (22nd April 2015) Testimonials

“Excellent presentation and enthusiastic presenters, the case studies used during the seminar were also good.”

Translational Scientist, Cancer Research UK
“The seminar was well prepared, the timings were nicely paced and there was a good possibility for dialogue between the attendees and the presenters.”

Senior Scientist, NovoNordisk
“The seminar was intensive and info-packed. The presenters had a nice style and they worked well together. The size was just right too. It really was one of the best seminars I’ve been too.”

Team Leader, Janssen
“I really enjoyed this seminar. The discussion was open about current and related challenges and the presenters provided lots of information as well as possible strategies. The length of the discussions was also good.”

Research Assistant, Arsanis Biosciences
“The seminar content was good- I was particularly impressed with the discussion concerning antibody humanisation. It was well organised, and the teaching style and expertise of the trainers was excellent.”

Assistant Professor, KACST

Adaptive Clinical Trials Seminar (28th November 2014) Testimonials

“The course gave a great overview of adaptive clinical trials and the examples given were extremely helpful. The trainer was excellent.”

Director Clinical Development, Sanofi
“There was a really relaxed atmosphere during the Seminar and our trainer was dedicated and knowledgeable.”

International Trial Manager, Specialist, Novo Nordisk A/S
“Sandeep’s presentation style was very clear, and he explained complex principles in an accessible way using relevant case studies. The course was highly interactive and there was plenty of discussion.”

Clinical Operations Project Leader, MedImmune
“The whole day was thoroughly informative and the trainers were excellent. The organisation of the day was excellent, and the Oxford Global staff were great too.”

Early Clinical Leader, Bayer
“It was a well organised Seminar; both speakers were knowledgeable and were excellent presenters, the venue was good and the staff were also very helpful.”

VP Clinical Affairs, Amphora Medical, Inc.

Antibody Drug Conjugates (6th October 2014) Testimonials

“The detailed information and the case studies were excellent! The trainers teaching style, material and expertise were beyond exceptional”

Associate Director, Debiopharma International AG
“The trainer covered a very good overview of the ADC field. The examples that were shared demonstrated great solutions to potential problems in the field”

Senior Scientist, MRC Technology
“The seminar was a great summary of Antibody Drug Conjugate development. I found the discussion of the cases studies to be very useful”

Scientist, Genmab
“I thought that the content was well structured and very detailed, providing a lot of useful information. The organisation of the seminar and the Oxford Global staff were outstanding"

Scientist, MedImmune

Antibody Engineering (2nd October 2014) Testimonials

“The broad cover of the topic area enabled me to understand some of the challenges faced by companies working in the area. The guest speakers case study gave a greater context to the theory discussed ”

Vice President International Sales, IntelliCyt Corporation
“I really enjoyed that we were training in a small group as it favoured a more interactive session with lots of questions being asked. The quality of the trainer and material he used was exceptional. It was great to have a guest speaker as it provided another companies perspective”

Scientist, Ablynx NV
“The trainer did a very good job! It was just the right level of detail, combining theory with practical examples”

Scientist, Affiris AG
“It was a very high level overview with lots of information and topics discussed. The trainer’s knowledge and experience was very good and he his teaching style and explanations were fantastic”

Scientific Writer Genmab

Real World Data (24th September 2014) Testimonials

"I found that the seminar was really interesting to me since I am very new to the topic area"

"For me, the second and fourth modules of the course were very informative"

"The general organisation and logistics of the seminar was beyond my expectations. The trainers expertise and teaching style was fantastic."

Country Study Manager, Roche
"The overview of databases on the market by the trainer was a real addition to this course"

Solution Architect, F.Hoffmann – La Roche Ltd

Adaptive Clinical Trials (9th June 2014) Testimonials

“The energy and enthusiasm of the trainer (Sandeep Menon) was fantastic. His expertise and teaching style were beyond excellent – great content.”

Clinical Pharmacologist, AstraZeneca
“The trainer provided a wonderful introductory level overview of adaptive clinical trials. It was so informative - I wish we could have had an extra day.”

Business Development Manager, Cytel
“The organisation of the training seminar was exceptional. The staff were very friendly and ensured everyone was happy before and after the seminar.”

Regulatory and Clinical Writing Consultant, Dulcamara Ltd
“I like the fact this it is aimed at such a small group. It allowed enough opportunities to ask questions and encouraged group discussions. Everyone in the group was really interactive and shared their experiences within the group.”


Peptides Seminar (2nd April 2014) Testimonials

“The schedule of the day was brilliant, and allowed enough time to learn even the smallest details about peptides.”

Scientist, Morphosys AG
“I particularly liked the learning documents supplied to all attendees, and the fact that there was only a small audience. The trainer gave a good overview, with an industry spotlight. The Oxford Global staff were also extremely helpful.”

Consultant in Biotechnology, Bioxodes SA
“The training seminar was very useful and gave a wide presentation of the peptide field – wide without being dispersive. The quality, involvement of attendees and the trainer were all excellent, as was the overall organisation of the training seminar.”

Scientist, Recordati S.p.A.
“The seminar was very good and broad, and gave a general introduction to the topic of Peptides. The teaching style of the trainer was brilliant, and the Oxford Global staff provided a great service.”

Senior Chemist, ALK-Abelló
“I particularly liked the coverage of cell-penetrating peptides, and found the teacher to be extremely experienced within this topic.”

Senior Research Scientist, JT Central Pharmaceutical Research Institute